Differentiate Yourself And Attract More

Getting the job you want involves dedication and time, and a bit of good luck. Be sure to differentiate yourself and attract more opportunities.

We’ve summarized the information on EIT about ESL job resume tips. Click here for that article. Click here for the article on EIT

Personal cover letter or quick personal email to differentiate yourself

  • Don’t send a generic letter or email to “the hiring manager”. Be specific to differentiate yourself and attract more opportunities
  • Explain why you’re interested in seeking a job in your target country/city.
  • Make it personal – differentiate yourself and attract more opportunities
  • Research the school you are targeting. Spend some extra time learning about the school, who works there, the curriculum, etc.

Work History — Teaching Experience?

  • Write out the most important, and recent job experiences you have had.
  • Avoid listing jobs you had during high-school
  • Be creative when it comes to work experience if you’ve had none. Again, the EIT article goes into more depth on this.
  • Dig deep for skills you may have that would be appropriate for an ESL teaching resume.

Create a digital Demo to differentiate yourself

Candidates should add digital teaching demos as part of their resume packet. If you add a digital demo to your resume packet, trust me, you will make an impression (a good one hopefully). Also, at this point, most candidates do not add any digital content. It hasn’t caught on yet.

No spelling or grammar mistakes

You are applying for an English teacher position. If you can’t show that you are detailed enough to edit your own CV or use the English language properly, why would I hire you? Make sure your ESL teaching job resume is clean.

Include a social media signature to differentiate yourself

Nowadays, many candidates have social media pages or contact methods. List the relevant ones at the top of your resume.

Include a photo and birth date

In North America, showing your photo and birth date are not common application practices. However, for teaching jobs overseas, school directors are expecting to match a face and age with the candidate.

Add your certifications, awards, and additional training

As with any job, as you continue to learn and grow in your career, you want to highlight your ambition and new knowledge.

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