Where should I teach abroad?

Perhaps the most important decision you need to make is where you want to work. Think about where you would like to teach. What country interests you? What country offers the best combination of cultural experiences, job opportunities, and chance for travel. These things will all impact your experience.

Would you prefer to teach in China, Saudi Arabia, or Italy? We have dedicated country profiles for Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand, and Korea. From these profiles you’ll have an opportunity to determine which destination makes the most sense.

How to decide where to live

Some things to consider when determining where you’d like to go for your live-work abroad experience:

  • English proficiency – your proficiency in English will have a major impact on where you are able to teach
  • Citizenship and accent – you’ll have an easier time finding teaching jobs abroad if you are from one of these countries: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.   In many countries it is not a legal requirement for English teachers to hold citizenship from such countries, but it is highly preferred.
  • Age – unfortunately age often matters. Younger teachers are preferred in many countries simply because those teachers will frequently accept lower pay, and living on a budget isn’t a huge deal. Older teachers often have families and higher expenses, which sometimes puts those teachers out of the market.
  • Gender – some destinations like the middle east prefer male teachers, where parts of Asia prefer women. That depends a lot where you’re interested in teaching.
  • Length of contract you’re willing to accept
  • University Degree –
  • Affordability – where you decide to teach will likely depend on where you can afford to live.

Countries to consider:

So we’ve been working on compiling a list of countries and profiles for each. Check out the information below on these countries, and compare cost of living, teaching opportunities, etc.

Click here to learn about the best options for teaching abroad.

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