Will I need to sort out visas?

Most likely you will. For the most part, since this process is different for every country, most people will find an employer, then apply for a work visa with the employer sponsoring them. This process may vary slightly from country to country but you will most certainly be involved in the process.

Help from an agent or recruiter

Usually either your employer, recruiter or program you’re working with will support you in your job search and help you sort out your visa.

Getting your visa in-country

The other option is to travel to the country and find a job while you’re there. Depending on the visa you arrive on, you may need to switch that visa to a work visa. Whether or not this is difficult depends entirely on the country. In places like China it can be relatively difficult, in places like Japan if you go over on a working holiday visa, you won’t need to switch at all.

Places like Taiwan (and I imagine this is the case in many other countries) state that you must arrive with a job offer. All too often though, this is not the case. Travelers or job seekers arrive in the country, land an opportunity, and then need to convert their visitor’s visa to a work visa.

Before you travel

I recommend consulting with the institutions that handle visas in your home country prior to embarking on your journey. Otherwise you might find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you need to return home.

Since COVID-19, this has become even more difficult. Often you’ll need to have COVID test results in a very short time before you depart, like 2 or 3 days. Once you have the test results you’ll need to be ready to travel. And on the other side, you’ll likely need to quarantine for 14 days.

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